Cooper Braun

Cooper Braun was born in Boulder, Colorado. He grew up without a television and so found a love for storytelling from records and cassette tapes. Drawn to performance and theater from a young age, Cooper started as an actor, has a BA in Theater from Union College and has been working as a professional theater technician the last eight years. Returning to the world of live storytelling last year he now co-hosts the Boulder Story Circle and is a member of the Rocky Mountain Storytelling Board.

He can be contacted at cooper.braun.enos@gmail.com


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Rachel Ann Harding

Rachel Ann Harding is a storyteller and musician who engages audiences ranging from children and adults. Offering wide variety of folk, myth, and traditional tales, Rachel Ann weaves story and song together to create unique and entertaining storytelling events and workshops for all ages. She is a board member for Rocky Mountain Storytellers and a co-producer for the company Stories with Spirit, which produces traditional storytelling events for adults.